Muscle Growth

Muscle Growth is at a different level because of supplements. Everything is done in a fast and easy way. In supermarkets, we see these huge bottles of supplements and vitamins that assuring muscle growth. But does it really work that well? Muscle growth is hard but the market offers a lot of supplements.

If you noticed that you’re not making any muscle growth but you work out like crazy, maybe you should eat more. Normal eating plans are not optimal for muscle growth. This is because extra calories will help in building up muscles. When you have extra carbs, it assists your glycogen storage to assist you in gaining more muscles. Just be sure you stay from too high-calorie consumption. Whatever your body doesn’t use it will store to fat. A body with huge muscles but full of fats is not what you want.

Sadly, if you must put on some mass you must accept some level of fat gain. I’m not talking about putting on tons of fat but, If you are not in a cutting phase then you will lose some definition with muscle growth. You will see your weight go up as well.

If you are still struggling with weight and muscle growth, you are probably a hard gainer. These people work out hard as everyone else but see no results from their exercise. This because their muscles recover slower than everyone else’s do. They require more rest in between workouts to permit these muscles to fully heal and grow. When they work out with tired muscles, it does more harm than good. Their muscles actually weaken and they also become more susceptible to injury and muscle growth doesn’t happen.

I see so many weight lifters, easy and hard gainers alike go day after day, week after week, and month after month pushing the actual same weight had been doing last month, along with the month well before. Mostly because they don’t give time for muscle growth. They think the pain is the only thing they should feel. Rest is a good thing too.

Finally, you might have to train different parts of the body. The body grows to be a unit. Training different parts of the body will compliment your current muscle growth. Give your pec a rest while you train a completely different part of the body. This is paradoxical but it surely benefits you in that the lower half will look as good as your upper half, and also, your chest muscle growth will be much faster.

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