We are all getting a little older. It gets harder and harder to look in the mirror.

All you have to do is hit the gym and start over.

Guess whoelse is looking at you. Women. They want someone sexy and someone that can satisfy.

Don’t worry you are not the only one.

Plenty of men have a hard time with these issues.

YoungMass is here to fix your problems.


Who Runs

Bernard Johnson

Bernard Johnson


Hi, I’m Bernard.

After a knee injury, I decided to get more into fitness. I really enjoyed it. So, I became a personal trainer. I saved up money and decided it was time to open up a small gym myself.

In all my experience I noticed some patterns. The guys getting jacked and all ripped up were all on something. You know… Steroids.

Funny, you’d see a new girl on their arm every week too…lol

We tried to keep it out of the gym, even had to kick some out.

I started to look into what some Alternative Legal steroids were.

This is all I do in my free time. This is why I started I want to find the most effective supplements and Testosterone boosters on the market.

Use the knowledge on this site to get ripped and maybe you will have a new girl on your arm too.


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